1st lesson (7:45-8:30)

- My Innovation challenge (Part A)
Pupils presented their projects which will make the life of EU citizens easier. A discussion followed with feedback-questions.

2nd lesson (8:40-9:25)

- My Innovation challenge (Part B)
Pupils presented their projects which will make the life of EU citizens easier. A discussion followed with feedback-questions. 
Pupils-delegates voted for the best project. There was a tie vote and the best projects were from Italy and from Greece.

3rd lesson (9:40-10:25)

Topic: Safer Internet

- Video: Data Protection Day
Description: What can happen to your personal data online? The EU is taking action so you can control your information, have access to your data, and be able to modify or delete it.

- Video: Block bullying online
Description: Don't be a victim of cyberbullying! React! Report the problem to your social networking site. 

- Safer Internet - Keep control - website 
Pupils learned about online bullying which is any kind of repeated harassment, verbal, 
psychological or physical abuse, carried out by an individual or group to deliberately upset others. Bullying is always wrong and unacceptable behaviour; it should never be overlooked or ignored.

- - website
Pupils played the interactive games and they wrote a short paragraph using the acronyms that there are at the Dictionary of this website.

Example of this activity:

Hey! What's up? Age/ Sex/ Location? Just for your information I am 10 years old, male from Slovakia. Please keep this private. Oh, by the way thank you very much for the great game. So what else is new? Moment... Problem exists between keyboard and chair... That's all for now! Talk to you later... Bye for now!

4th lesson (10:40-11:25)

Topic: European Emergency Number - 112

- Video: Emergency? Call 112!

Description: An emergency happened? You need help? Dial 112 and you will get help. They are waiting for you to call.

- 112 Kids' corner - website
Pupils read the infosheet about 112 and they asked their questions. 
Pupils answered to the following questions:
- You are on holidays in Spain. You have an accident. Which number are you going to call? 
- Who is answering if I call 112?
- Can you use 112 in Switzerland?
- Can I hang up if I dial 112 by mistake?
- What kind of information you should give at the 112 operator?

- 112 quiz
Pupils tested their knowledge about the European Emergency Number 112.

- Do you know about 112? - activity
Pupils designed stickers with information about 112 and they presented these stickers, explaining why did they use symbols (injection, red cross, ambulance, hospital, fire brigade, police cap, mobile etc.) or colours (red, yellow).
Interested about pupils' stickers? Have a look here.

5th lesson (11:35-12:20)

Topic: Volunteering

- Video: Volunteer! Make a difference

- Volunteering. What's it all about?
PowerPoint presentation about the importance of Volunteering and how someone can be involved in. 

- Volunteering in action! - activity
Pupils divided into two groups and they designed a campaign for their School in order to sensitize and inform teachers, pupils and parents about volunteering. They though about the way, the material (e.g. poster, logo, motto, clever messages, post-card, photos, videos, song etc.) and the tools that they could use in order to achieve their goal.