1st lesson (7:45-8:30)

- Presentation of the EU Member States
Pupils-delegates presented their countries by using PowerPoint presentations, interactive board, short videos, songs, drawings. A discussion followed with feedback-questions.
Pupils-delegates voted for the best presentation. The winner was Spain.

2nd lesson (8:40-9:25)

My Innovation challenge
Pupils presented their projects which will make the life of EU citizens easier. A discussion followed with feedback-questions. 
Pupils-delegates voted for the best project. The winner was Spain but pupils decided to give the gifts to Poland, the second in votes, because Spain had already received the gifts.
Interested about pupils' projects? Have a look here.

3rd lesson (9:40-10:25)

Topic: Consumer Rights

- Video: Gimme the info
Description: On the Internet, shopping can be easy. Shops are open 24/7, customers can get more choice and often great prices. Whats more, if you buy something online you have the same rights as if you buy it in person. So youre entitled to repairs, refunds and/or your money back if necessary.
But to avoid disappointment if you receive the wrong product or service, one thats broken or that simply doesnt turn up - follow our tips when buying online from another EU country. Theyre easy and can save you lots of problems.

- Gimme the info - website
Pupils read some basic tips (dos and don'ts) about what they should be carefull about when they are buying online from another EU country.
A short discussion followed. 

- Video: Have you ever been trapped by an unfair commercial practice?
This animated video covers the following unfair commercial practices:
1. product you never ordered
2. hidden advertorials
3. unwanted sollicitation
4. incomplete price
5. bait advertising

- Is it fair? - website
Pupils found out if they are getting a fair deal, about unfair commercial practices, about banned commercial practices, about how they can understand if a commercial practice is unfair.

- Is it fair? - Interactive quiz

Pupils tested their knowledge and they found the difference between clever marketing and sleazy marketing.

4th lesson (10:40-11:25)

Topic: Safer Internet

- Video: Think U Know - Consequences
Description: This video from Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre warns about dangers on social network sites.

- insafe - website 
Pupils tried to find the contact details of their National Helpline. 

- Keep control - website
Pupils learned about bullying and how they can face it. 

- Safe or un-safe e-mail - interactive game
Pupils read 6 e-mails and they decided which one of them are safe and which are un-safe. They had to decide if they are going to open or to delete them. 

5th lesson (11:35-12:20)

Topic: Volunteering

Video: Volunteer! Make a difference

- Volunteering. What's it all about?
PowerPoint presentation about the importance of Volunteering and how someone can be involved in. 

- Volunteering in action! - activity
Pupils designed a campaign for their School in order to sensitize and inform teachers, pupils and parents about volunteering. They though about the way, the material (e.g. poster, post-card, photos, videos, song etc.) and the tools that they used in order to achieve their goal.